Up to $5000 in available Rebates,
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Home Engergy Rebate Mississauga
Home Engergy Rebate in Mississauga
Mississauga Home Energy Rebate

We pre-qualify the homeowner to confirm if they are eligible for the rebate.

If you are not eligible we do not send the auditor. (We need to know the year of the home, and if any rebates from Enbridge have been received in the past 2 years.)

We provide a free consultation. We check to see if your attic has early signs of mold.

Show you photos of your attic insulation and show you a comparison of the recommended height.

We also provide information if the homeowner needs any other upgrades. (optional)

An Enbridge authorized energy auditor provides an energy audit.

Makes suggestions for homeowners to improve their homes.

Takes before-photos of the space prior to the upgrade being completed.

Signs government utilization form and gives you a copy to guarantee your rebate amount before you complete your upgrades.

We install all upgrades in Mississauga
Rebates in Mississauga

We install the upgrades. We do it all. Leave it to our professional team to ensure everything is installed perfectly the first time.

We guarantee all of our workmanship.

An Enbridge authorized energy auditor comes to take photos confirming the homeowner completed the upgrades.

Auditor sends the after-photos to Enbridge and your rebate is on the way.

CanConserve in Mississauga
Pricing for Rebates in Mississauga

Save 70% on the Best Cost Effective Energy Saving Upgrade to your Home.

Saves you up to $360/year on energy bills.

FREE Attic Insulation
with your Kitchen, Bathroom, or Basement Renovation!

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See why Cellulose Insulation is one of the safest insulations on the market today.

Cellulose Insulation for your attic in Mississauga Ontario
Cellulose Insulation for your attic in Mississauga Ontario
Cellulose Insulation for your attic in Mississauga Ontario
Cellulose Insulation in Mississauga Ontario

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FREE Attic Insulation

With your kitchen, bathroom, or basement home renovation.

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Free Attic Insulation when you choose our company to do your next kitchen, bathroom or basement renovation.

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Free Attic Insulation Mississauga Ontario
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